Monday, August 17, 2009


is all I can see in the last few days my little one is trying soooo hard to talk.. He is still jabbering to himself all the time but some of the words I have heard him say other the weekend our:

his favorite word is bye-bye
mama, dada, no, Taco (that is our dogs name every animal is taco whether it is the cats or dog or cow he sees on tv) ball, he use nack (snack) but havent heard him say that one in a lonnng time.. he jsut points. uhoh is another favorite word and normally is on purpose just so he can say the word... still no two word phrases.. but its just music to my ears to him try to talk..

He had a appt today and my almost 2 year old weighs 26lbs and is 33 inches long...

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