Sunday, October 25, 2009

havent bloged in a while

Hayden was evaluated using Batelle Developmental Inventroy at 25 months Social 17 months, Adaptive 18 months, Motor 19 months Communication 13 months Cognitive 14 months overall 17 months

Using the Receptive - Expressive Emergent Language Test Receptive 13 months Expressive 11 months

Hayden stays with a freind of mine on Sunday evenings while me and hubby lead a youth bible study group it is the only time he is away from me except on Sunday mornings...

Well tonite my friend said wow he is really trying to talk isnt he. She said he was just a babbling away of course she couldnt understand anything he said other than his stands. uhoh and bye bye , mama but she said that was the most she has ever heard him try to talk :) and he has a new word ere,,, here so he is up to 11 words now

1.uhoh 2, byebye 3, mama, 4, dada, 5 taco 6 no 7 uhhuh (yes) 8 nack (snacK) any food is nack

9 bah (robyn sister) 10 bub (Dylan brother) 11 ere here