Thursday, May 19, 2011

EIP Meeting

Hayden has progressed great this school. Mrs Kim has done great with him.  He will be in Mrs. Tracey Morrison class next year at JPES we will start 5 days at week regular school hrs and if its tooo much on him he will go back to 3 days a week.

He qualifed for ESY (extended school year) So he will go T W Th 6/14/11-7/19/11 with a week break for 4th of July week.

It is still up in the air if he will start in August or September the Special Education Leader thinks they will start when school starts but that is up to the higher ups so we will find out when they find out

Now the testing:
Coweta County Develpmental Screener for 3 yrs old= he passed all  secions except Communication
Preschool Languare Scale ~
Auditory Comprehension Subtest  age equivalent of 2 years 2 months
Expressive Communication Subtest age equivalent of  1 year 1l months
total Language Standard Score equaivalent of 2 yrs

Preschool Evaluation Scale  he passed all except small muscle 5 and self help 5 needed 7-13 for average

There is a lot more testing and ranking but that gives u the idea of where he is at and what his weakness are that we will be working on.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tears of Joy

I started this and really havent been good at keeping up with it.. Hayden is doing so awesome.. I had tears in my eyes this morning as he was talking to me as we were getting ready and saying 4-5 word sentences he said 20 words in 15 minutes.. This time 6 months ago we were lucky to get 20 words in a 24 hour period. It just amazes me.. One of his phrases he has picked up on that I really dont care for is "oh my god" but I just sit and think and remember the days I was wishing on this day to come. I kept telling Hubby 6 month-1yr ago that we would eventually be wishing that he wasnt talking.. It hasnt gotten to that point yet but boy is getting close. We still have trouble understanding him at times. but boy can we understand him alot more.. prob about 75% now when it use to be 25% and below. Im so proud of him... School has done wonders for him. I cant take all the credit his teacher is wonderful.. I was scared at first and didnt want to put my 3 yr old in a big boy school.. but I am sooo glad I did now ... His next advenutre will be prek in the fall. I will find out more towards the end of the year when we have our end of the year eip... I am so proud of my baby boy.. I also noticed last week that he is now able to position his tongue out. He can touch his top and bottom lip. which he has not been able to do from birth.

Goals for Next 6 months
* potty training
*continute to work on speech
*work on fine motor skills

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hayden is in school

Hayden started school on his birthday August 23rd. His teacher is wonderful.. He had been in school for almost 2 months now and his progress has just blew through the roof.. He is actually using the potty now.. Not compleetely trained but is getting there. His speech is improving also.. He still has his good and bad days. For the most part we can understand most of what he says now :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Haydens evaluation

Ive had a few people ask how was Haydens evaluation well here are the results unless you have a child with an iep or work with children these results may not mean much to you but instead of having to write or tell 20 different people here it is.  Dont yell at me my mommy friends with children with special needs I know our children our normal and will learn and grow at their own pace just trying to make this so others can understand :)


9/22/2009 battelle developmental ~ he was 25 months old and his communication was 14 months receptive was 13 months expressive 11 months

8/11/2010 preschoo language scale 4~ he is 35 months and his Language is equivalent of 2.0 years (below normal)

Developmental Screener he scored 4 and needed 7 to pass

Adaptive Skills  

9/22/2009 battelle devolpemental  18 months -2.33

9/11/2010 abas 11  still functioning at -2.33   (below normal)


9/22/2009 batelle developmental~ 14 months -2.33   (below normal)

8/11/2010 Preschool Evaluation Saclae  scorew of 11 (normal range)


8/11/2010   he scored 8 and 7-13 are normal limits

Adaptative Behavior  

self help 5   normal limits 7-13 (below normal)

self care 3  normal limits 7-13 (below normal)

Developmental Screender 3  needed 6 to pass

Hearing/Vision passed

Psychological Processing 9 (normal)

Intellectual Functioning 9 (normal)

Emotional (normal)


Gross 8  normal  Small 5 (not normal)

So overall he needs the most help in Communication Language and Adaptive... He will be in a Language Preschool Class m,w,f, 8-11:30  He will be at Newnan Crossings Elementary bc that is the only school that offers this class . We go for his iep friday but he is classified as significant developmentally delayed and speech impaired.  I hope that answers your questions feel free to message me if you have any other questions.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Haydens words

Haydens words at 28 months

ere u go
ank u
bye bye
ove u

Sunday, October 25, 2009

havent bloged in a while

Hayden was evaluated using Batelle Developmental Inventroy at 25 months Social 17 months, Adaptive 18 months, Motor 19 months Communication 13 months Cognitive 14 months overall 17 months

Using the Receptive - Expressive Emergent Language Test Receptive 13 months Expressive 11 months

Hayden stays with a freind of mine on Sunday evenings while me and hubby lead a youth bible study group it is the only time he is away from me except on Sunday mornings...

Well tonite my friend said wow he is really trying to talk isnt he. She said he was just a babbling away of course she couldnt understand anything he said other than his stands. uhoh and bye bye , mama but she said that was the most she has ever heard him try to talk :) and he has a new word ere,,, here so he is up to 11 words now

1.uhoh 2, byebye 3, mama, 4, dada, 5 taco 6 no 7 uhhuh (yes) 8 nack (snacK) any food is nack

9 bah (robyn sister) 10 bub (Dylan brother) 11 ere here

Monday, August 17, 2009


is all I can see in the last few days my little one is trying soooo hard to talk.. He is still jabbering to himself all the time but some of the words I have heard him say other the weekend our:

his favorite word is bye-bye
mama, dada, no, Taco (that is our dogs name every animal is taco whether it is the cats or dog or cow he sees on tv) ball, he use nack (snack) but havent heard him say that one in a lonnng time.. he jsut points. uhoh is another favorite word and normally is on purpose just so he can say the word... still no two word phrases.. but its just music to my ears to him try to talk..

He had a appt today and my almost 2 year old weighs 26lbs and is 33 inches long...