Saturday, August 8, 2009

23 months and 2wks

Im starting this blog so I can keep an update on Hayden's speech.. It is more for me but you are welcome to read his progress and cheer us on.

So far this is what is going on... I think Ive known since about 15 months that something was wrong just didnt know what... You have to remember I have 3 kids and worked in childcare for 10 years so I should have known but I kept saying he will start... but guess what he is now very close to 2 and says very few words and they are not consistent... He is very smart though and he understands what you are saying to him.. he is just not speaking.. We will begin a program in Ga they call it babies cant wait and what i have heard it is a very good early invetnion program. Just waiting on the paper work to go through.. The best part is they come to him... We dont have to go anywhere...

Words as of today:
mama,daddy, snack, byebye, uhoh..

He tries to talk he babbles all the time and has converstations with himself he can talk up a storm in his own language.

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