Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tears of Joy

I started this and really havent been good at keeping up with it.. Hayden is doing so awesome.. I had tears in my eyes this morning as he was talking to me as we were getting ready and saying 4-5 word sentences he said 20 words in 15 minutes.. This time 6 months ago we were lucky to get 20 words in a 24 hour period. It just amazes me.. One of his phrases he has picked up on that I really dont care for is "oh my god" but I just sit and think and remember the days I was wishing on this day to come. I kept telling Hubby 6 month-1yr ago that we would eventually be wishing that he wasnt talking.. It hasnt gotten to that point yet but boy is getting close. We still have trouble understanding him at times. but boy can we understand him alot more.. prob about 75% now when it use to be 25% and below. Im so proud of him... School has done wonders for him. I cant take all the credit his teacher is wonderful.. I was scared at first and didnt want to put my 3 yr old in a big boy school.. but I am sooo glad I did now ... His next advenutre will be prek in the fall. I will find out more towards the end of the year when we have our end of the year eip... I am so proud of my baby boy.. I also noticed last week that he is now able to position his tongue out. He can touch his top and bottom lip. which he has not been able to do from birth.

Goals for Next 6 months
* potty training
*continute to work on speech
*work on fine motor skills