Monday, August 16, 2010

Haydens evaluation

Ive had a few people ask how was Haydens evaluation well here are the results unless you have a child with an iep or work with children these results may not mean much to you but instead of having to write or tell 20 different people here it is.  Dont yell at me my mommy friends with children with special needs I know our children our normal and will learn and grow at their own pace just trying to make this so others can understand :)


9/22/2009 battelle developmental ~ he was 25 months old and his communication was 14 months receptive was 13 months expressive 11 months

8/11/2010 preschoo language scale 4~ he is 35 months and his Language is equivalent of 2.0 years (below normal)

Developmental Screener he scored 4 and needed 7 to pass

Adaptive Skills  

9/22/2009 battelle devolpemental  18 months -2.33

9/11/2010 abas 11  still functioning at -2.33   (below normal)


9/22/2009 batelle developmental~ 14 months -2.33   (below normal)

8/11/2010 Preschool Evaluation Saclae  scorew of 11 (normal range)


8/11/2010   he scored 8 and 7-13 are normal limits

Adaptative Behavior  

self help 5   normal limits 7-13 (below normal)

self care 3  normal limits 7-13 (below normal)

Developmental Screender 3  needed 6 to pass

Hearing/Vision passed

Psychological Processing 9 (normal)

Intellectual Functioning 9 (normal)

Emotional (normal)


Gross 8  normal  Small 5 (not normal)

So overall he needs the most help in Communication Language and Adaptive... He will be in a Language Preschool Class m,w,f, 8-11:30  He will be at Newnan Crossings Elementary bc that is the only school that offers this class . We go for his iep friday but he is classified as significant developmentally delayed and speech impaired.  I hope that answers your questions feel free to message me if you have any other questions.